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Underwater Defense & Sound Source Applications

Detection and Deterrence Systems With
Unparalleled Versatility and Adaptability!

HAI is the leading provider of Hydroacoustic Low Frequency (HLF) sources and Underwater Air Gun Systems used in the protection and defense of both above water and underwater military fleets.

Applications include anti-submarine warfare, diver interdiction, acoustic decoy systems mine countermeasures, tactical and strategic long range,calibration and oceanograpghic measurements.

HAI's Hydroacoustic Low Frequency Sources & Underwater Air Gun Systems offer tremendous defense versatility.

  • Energy signaling can be either continuous wave or impulsive.
  • Operation can be at shallow or deep depths and configured either as a single unit or in an array.
  • HLF Sources can operate at depths of up to 300 meters without pressure compensation.
  • Deployment can be either on a tow body, or a moored or sub-surface platform.

In addition, HLF sources and underwater Air Gun systems are compatible with standard signal processing technology. HAI has delivered over 120 sources since 1975.  We provide maintenance and service to keep our products fully operational when you need them.

HLF Source Features

  • Low frequency
  • High power
  • Towed (up to 15 knots) or submarine mounted
  • No moving external seals
  • 300 meter operating depth without pressure compensation (Pressure compensation optional)


  • Ocean science and technology measurements
  • Acoustic oceanographic data collection
  • Anti-submarine warfare
  • Strategic ocean surveillance and acoustic monitoring
  • Mine countermeasures
  • Long range underwater acoustic communications
  • Underwater acoustic decoys
  • Marine seismic gas and oil exploration