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  • Search, rescue and recovery
  • Marine infrastructure inspection, long tunnel specialist (6km)
  • Dive team support and safety
  • Exploration operations
  • Salvage operations
  • Deep water port and harbor underwater inspection



Proteus ROV's are Laptop & Joystick Controlled

Proteus 500 is Easy to Carry with it's 5 Handles

Proteus User Interface is very Straightfoward

For over four decades, Hydroacoustics Inc. (HAI) has been recognized as a leader in underwater marine technology. Since 1974, our HLF (Hydroacoustic Low Frequency) Acoustic Sources can be found on U.S. Navy submarines.

The Proteus Series of underwater remotely operated vehicles (ROVs) represents the latest technology in the areas of underwater exploration, marine inspection and observation, and search, rescue and recovery, as well as aiding in the protection of underwater environments through underwater observation.

The Proteus 500 ROV is our best selling model, and can be utilized for numerous underwater observation applications such as search and recovery, dive team support and inspection. Our Proteus 1000e ROV was designed to reach greater depths and withstand stronger currents, making it well suited for inspection and exploration tasks where a diver cannot go. The NEW Proteus 1000e is ideal for long tunnel inspections (6km are possible).

Proteus Series ROV benefits:

  • Battery operated for portability
  • Smallest tether ROV on the market today for best control and super light weight
  • Custom built to meet your specific needs
  • Enhances your operational effectiveness, saving time and money
  • Adds a level of safety to your dive team operations

Proteus Series ROVs are ideal for small boat and platform operations, where a single operator or quick launch is required. Our battery-powered underwater remote operated vehicles means you won’t need to drag external power with your ROV or very heavy tether reels to remote spots. You can bring our Proteus ROVs onsite, and they will be in the water and running within a few short minutes.

The open architecture design enables you to define your ROV capabilities by adding only those options that your mission requires. Proteus series ROVs come with 3.5 mm tethers, and are built to be the most stable ROV platforms available, giving you the ability to take the highest quality videos for your mission.

All ROV controls are managed utilizing your laptop, including the graphical user interface, which provides a unique, intuitive control panel screen. This screen includes the Proteus Series ROV operational status, video, and sensor data, as well as joystick control configuration. Some available ROV accessories are: sonar, additional cameras, manipulator arm, GPS, bathometry, water tester, radiation detection, thickness gauge, CP Probe, video enhancement and more.

If ROV safety, lower total system weight, performance and affordability are important to you, call us today and let us build an ROV just for you.

How would you like your ROV customized?