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HAI Oil Recovery Tool

Finding New Applications for Wave Technology

Research & Development


Hydroacoustics Inc. has identified domestic oil production as an industry ripe for successful translation of our acoustic source technology – specifically within the rapidly growing area of enhanced oil recovery (EOR).  We are currently in development of the Oil Recovery Tool (ORT), an acoustic source-based down-hole tool designed to increase oil production and extend the productive lifetime of existing wells.  The Oil Recovery Tool also has the potential for indirect reduction of the environmental footprint of Enhanced Oil Recovery operations through increased performance and yield per well.

HAI has teamed with oil producers to identify specifications desired for EOR, and is adapting them into a proprietary acoustic-engineering package suited for the down-hole environment.

Features include:

  • Reliable and rugged design (for low maintenance, increased uptime, and improved economics)
  • Adjustable frequency and power (able to be ‘tuned’  to the individual characteristics of the well)
  • Omni-directional wave propagation (for increased effective power and range)
  • Small diameter fits into existing injection wells (4.5 inch)
  • Adaptable to deep or shallow wells
  • Effective design, yet with fewer and less complex moving parts (for increased reliability)
  • Cost-achievable for even small producers
  • Applications in secondary (waterflood) and tertiary (EOR) oil recovery

HAI is committed to the nation’s energy security through increased domestic production and decreased dependency on foreign oil.  The Oil Recovery Tool helps operators in waterflood and EOR accomplish this through increased oil production and prolonged lifetime of existing wells.