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  • Aquaculture Predator Protection System
    The aquaculture industry is proliferating throughout the world. In some areas, the economic output of the aquaculture or aquafarming industry, where finfish (especially salmoniods), mollusk, and crustaceans are cultured, exceeds that of the commercial or wild fish industry.  Pinnipeds, mainly sea lions and seals, are causing significant economic losses to this portion of the industry.  Pinniped interactions with fisheries and aquaculture facilities occur throughout the world. 
  • Defense & Sound Sources
    HAI is the leading provider of Hydroacoustic Low Frequency sources (HLF) & Underwater Air Gun Systems used in the protection and defense of both above water and underwater naval fleets.
  • Diver Interdiction System
    Enemy surprise is not an option when it comes to maintaining Homeland Security. The safety of our port facilities, nuclear power plants, commercial carriers and other vessels and facilities critical to our economy are prime targets for our enemies. Our products and technologies are designed to protect against threats posed by underwater divers intent on carrying out their missions of mayhem.
  • Oil Recovery Tool
    Hydroacoustics Inc. has identified domestic oil production as an industry ripe for successful translation of our acoustic source technology – specifically within the rapidly growing area of enhanced oil recovery (EOR). HAI is currently developingan acoustic sourcebased down-hole Oil Recovery Tool (ORT) to increase oil production and extend the productive lifetime of existing wells. The ORT also has the potential for indirect reduction of the environmental footprint through increased performance and yield per well.