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...Air Gun, Diver Interdiction Systems (DIS)

Enemy surprise is not an option when it comes to maintaining Homeland Security. The safety of our port facilities, nuclear power plants, commercial carriers and other vessels and facilities critical to our economy are prime targets for our enemies. Our products and technologies are designed to protect against threats posed by underwater divers intent on carrying out their missions of mayhem.

HAI has developed extremely effective hydroacoustic based Diver Interdiction Systems (DIS).  These defense systems are designed to neutralize terrorist divers and thereby providing marine and underwater protection. The DIS acts against the threat of an underwater terrorist by delivering non-lethal acoustic low frequency energy into the environment which causes the diver to come to the surface for effective prosecution.  HAI provides portable and mobile systems. The DIS is a great compliment to Diver Detection Systems (DDS). Now there is a non lethal deterrent to force a diver to the surface. The DIS is classified as EAR99 by the Department of Commerce. HAI has developed and delivered the  DIS to multiple customers including for military, commercial agencies, and foreign militaries.

The commercial-off-the-shelf (COTS) availability of the DIS enables a total broadband, shallow water diver deterrent system of unparalleled cost effectiveness.  The portable DIS is completely customizable to assure their effectiveness in your theater of operation.  This customization is performed by adjusting our standard COTS components affecting the acoustic signature of the system. We also offer loudhailer capabilities as your initial deterrent. Radio Frequency (RF) remote firing is also available if required.

There are currently multiple systems and sizes to meet your security needs.  Our portable systems are offered in three and four component configurations; DIS controller, energy pack, umbilical and air gun or all-in-one (controller/energy pack), umbilical and air gun.. These systems can be used on a fast boat (RHIB) or off fixed platforms such as a piers or barges.

HAI can use the principles of our portable and mobile systems in the design of a stationary system for areas that require permanent diver deterrence and marine protection. Your underwater Homeland Security and defense is our business.

HAI’s Multipulse™ DIS transmit unique acoustic signatures that are generated from multi gun arrays delivering an effective acoustic signal alternative as that produced from the portable DIS and other multi gun fixed systems.


HAI Diver Interdiction System (DIS) Specifications Metric

HAI Diver Interdiction System (DIS) Specifications

White Paper "Stopping the Underwater Diver Threat"

Diver Interdiction System Product Video

Air Gun Test in Barrel Video

Diver Interdiction System Block Diagram

DIS Portable Controller

DIS Portable Energy Pack

DIS Portable Air Gun