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Subsea Hydraulic Connection Systems

Field Proven Connection Equipment

Umbilical Termination and Distribution

HAI will furnish your umbilical termination and distribution equipment. Built to ISO and API standards, HAI will integrate our own proprietary stab plate hydraulic connection system while also installing subsea electrical components, ROV interfaces, and installation features. HAI has a vast knowledge of hydraulic and electric systems integration along with design of structural components, mud-mats for sea floor conditions, installation requirements, corrosion protection, and project logistics.

Field Layout
UTA Assembly with Steel Tube Flaying Lead

Steel Tube Flying Lead: STFL

HAI will manufacture Steel Tube Flying Leads to customer specifications using AISI 316L or Super Duplex stainless steel. HAI can integrate bundled umbilical sections into flying lead or assemble loose-tube bundles. HAI uses great care in managing and assembling tubes to ensure their cleanliness and integrity. HAI is an ISO-9001 approved facility. Our flying lead termination system incorporates a proprietary tube management system that facilitates the termination and welding to junction plates.

Fixed and Removable Junction Plates

Hallmark of HAI’s offering is a proprietary hydraulic junction plate system. This system combines the proven pedigree of a robust alignment and latch system, with refinement and ease of manufacturing. The latch system utilizes pre-engaged threads, oversized alignment features, and simple mechanics that is very robust and anti-fowling. Refinements include multiple engagement indicators, latch guide system, and optimized-for-weight components throughout.

Tube Management

The HAI proprietary system ensures that the integration of flying lead to junction goes smoothly, reliably, and maintains correct tubing address. The system is designed to allow enough space, and ease of access, to ensure that welding and NDE evaluations are controlled throughout the manufacturing processes.

Tube Welding

Our HAI system is designed for ease-of-access to allow both manual TIG welding and autonomous welding heads to be used.

Flying Lead Pallet and Storage Systems

HAI will package and transport your flying leads on a proprietary pallet system that ensures the correct packaging of the flying lead tubes, along with secure mounting of the junction plate terminations. This pallet is optimized for minimum tubing storage diameter to reduce the footprint storage requirements. They can stack three high on vessels. They also are narrow to assist in transportation on highways. The flying lead on the pallet system is loaded and off-loaded using a powered turntable.

Flying Lead Accessories

  • Covers, HAI has debris covers, short term, and long term covers available.
  • Installation Aids, HAI can provide cable, flotation blocks that are ROV removable, and clump weights for typical installation of steel tube flying leads.
  • Pallet and Storage Systems, can be purchased or rented.
  • Pallet Drive Powered Turntable, an air driven pallet drive system can be purchased or rented for spooling and removing flying leads from pallets.

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