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Subsea Chemical Injection Unit - SCIU

Subsea Chemical Injection Systems

HAI has taken a new approach in offering innovative field development chemical injection systems. We have considered the high costs of field development umbilicals and the risks associated with complicated tubing, power cable, and control fibers configurations, and have developed a system that can greatly reduce this complication. Our products in essence move the chemical injection system from the host facility, and relocates it subsea near the production trees. By doing this, we can remove most if not all the hydraulic lines in an umbilical. We also see the benefit with the reduction of equipment weight and footprint on facilities, less complicated umbilical risers, and simplified umbilicals can reduce installation costs. Our system utilizes many field proven components along with some new and innovative designs that carry the cost benefits of umbilical reduction, while adding few new technological risks. Other very tangible benefits come with this technology; for instance, being able to modify the system as the field ages, adding new and more concentrated chemical packages, and reusing the components in future fields.

Our modular systems are configured to include booster pump modules, subsea chemical storage tanks, integrated power distribution and controls, diagnostic programming, and multiple operation models. We’ve envisioned a system of components that can adapt to many configurations for oil and gas, small fields or tie backs, and large field developments with multiple well clusters. Our pump stations integrate into an existing hydraulic distribution field architecture with the addition of storage tanks and the associated control systems. We’ve striven to adapt to contemporary architecture for existing subsea well tree control systems and the emergence of new ALL-Electric subsea trees and associated components.

Field Layout
Field Layout

Subsea Chemical Injecion Unit - SCIU


Our SCIU is the heart of the system. It includes a new and innovative configuration of a proven chemical injection pump, capable of years of continuous use, coupled with power and controls modules, filters, optional chemical metering valves, all in an ROV removable and maintainable package. The SCIU has built in back-up capability to ensure operability and is maintainable in stages keeping the system in operation during these cycles. Configurations are available for low or high dose, low or ultra-high pressure, in very low or very high flow rates of nearly all well dosing chemicals including methanol, LDHI, wax inhibitors, corrosion inhibitors and others.

Subsea Chemical Storage Tanks

Storage Tank
Storage Tank

Key to the subsea chemical injection system is the ability to safely and securely store chemicals subsea. HAI has designed a storage tank with multiple redundant safely features. It is a modular design and can store chemicals in 100 and up to 300 barrels. These versatile tanks can be manifolded together for larger volumes or can be mounted in into individual frame packages. Our tank has the special feature of dual stainless steel wall and dual barrier between the working chemical and the compensating inflow of seawater. The dual barriers have a test system that allows for integrity testing of either the tank wall of the barrier at any given time. This tank also has redundant automatic emergency shutoff controls ensuring safe pumping and refilling operations.

The Compenents:

  • Subsea Chemical Injection Module
  • SCIU
  • Methanol or MEG Module
  • Metering Pumps or Valves
  • Subsea Tanks
  • Integrated Controls
  • Electrical Distribution & Management
  • Ship Fill System and UTA