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HAI’s Proteus 500 Assists Local Sheriff’s Recovery Operation

June 24, 2009
by Mark Waxenberg

The Monroe County Sheriff’s Department‘s Dive Unit today successfully recovered the vehicle and occupant that had disappeared early Sunday morning June 21. Scuba divers combing the Erie Canal in Fairport for a second time this week found the car on Tuesday in the Erie Canal.

The dive unit was equipped with the Hydroacoustics Inc. of Henrietta NY Proteus 500 underwater Remote Operated Vehicle. The ROV was deployed from shore and was maneuvered to the canal floor. By using its onboard sonar, a target object was quickly spotted approximately a hundred feet away. The operator saw an object that had straight lines, “not what you normally see underwater.” The operator also said “whatever the object was, it wasn’t supposed to be there.” 

The Proteus 500 was driven to the object and viewed with its onboard video camera. Visibility was extremely poor but the operator caught a reflection from the Proteus 500 lamps off of the cars window. It was the car and missing person inside. 

Divers were then able to follow Proteus’ tether down to the car where they safely examined the scene and removed the car and occupant from the canal.