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NYS Police Endorse Proteus ROV

June 1, 2008
The NYS Police recently endorsed the Proteus ROV. The following excerpt is from Tom Barden, NYSP Troop D Dive Team:

"As a 19 year member and instructor for the New York State Police Dive Team, I was recently tasked with researching Remote Operated Vehicles for possible purchase by our team. I reviewed the qualifications of the HydroAcoustics manufactured Proteus and was impressed by its versatility. We were looking to enhance our victim and evidence recovery ability by increasing the depths and hazardous environments in which we could search. We found that by accompanying our side scan SONAR unit with an ROV, we could reach many places we could not before.

I organized a demonstration for myself and another senior member of our team at the HydroAcoustics manufacturing and testing facility in Rochester, N.Y. We found the sales staff courteous and extremely knowledgeable regarding the many facets of underwater search techniques. The Proteus had several advantages over other models I had researched. First, the unit carries two rechargeable batteries onboard which means that it needs no top side power source, such as a loud generator. Furthermore, if top side communication is lost, the unit is capable of returning to the surface on its own. Secondly, the lack of power being supplied from the surface means that the umbilical is very small, for communications only. The 3mm umbilical, available up to 1000 feet, allows for minimal drag through the water and thus, more maneuverability even at greater depth. The unit also seemed to be of durable construction and it would be simple to attach many of the options available, such as a scanning SONAR unit, manipulator arm and extra cameras and lights.

During the demonstration, we noticed that the SONAR and video were both on the same computer screen making operation of the Proteus easier to track. Also, the unit is controlled by a joy stick which was very user friendly.

Overall, we were very satisfied that the HydroAcoustics Proteus ROV unit would fit our needs on the New York State Police Dive Team."