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2km Motorized Tether Management System for Proteus ROV's

2km Motorized Tether Management System
March 10, 2010
by Mark Waxenberg & Tim Bibens

 Motorized Tether Management System  6800 ft tetherHAI (Hydroacoustics Inc) nowoffers a Motorized Tether Management System (TMS) for use with their Proteus 500 and Proteus 1000 Remote Operated Vehicles (ROV’s). Applications where a very long tether is needed such as a pipeline inspection will greatly benefit from the new stainless steel motorized TMS. All Proteus ROVs are battery operated utilizing the thinnest tethers in the industry. These ultra thin tethers (3.2mm – 3.5mm) enhance long range system operations due to the fact that they create considerably less drag than traditional multi conductor copper tethers. Lower drag enables better ROV control and stability allowing for improved video images all of which enhances operational performance. The motorized TMS is mounted in a waterproof carrying case. 

*Carrying case dimensions 40”w x 21”h x 23”d (90 cm x 54 cm x 58 cm)
*System weight with tether 140 lbs. or 64 kg
*Maximum tether length 6800 ft (2.07km) with 3.2 mm tether
*Tether types Fresh water neutrally buoyant and slightly negative buoyant 
*Tether breaking strength Neutrally buoyant = 400 lb (182 kg), slightly negative buoyant = 1000 lb (455 kg) 
*TMS Power Requirements 12 V w/ minimum 18 amp hour
*Power Cable Length 10’ or as ordered

The motor is controlled using the hand held Motor Control Switch. The switch is a momentary toggle switch which is held on to actuate the motor. Speed and rotation direction is controlled by switches mounted on the control box. Forward is used to deploy the ROV and Reverse is to recover the ROV. In the Slow position the reel operates at approximately .9 m per second (3 feet per second) and 1.52 m per second (5 ft per second) in the Fast position. The reel motor is protected by a 15 Amp thermal resettable circuit breaker housed within the SpeedDirection Control box. 

The Motorized Tether Reel is immediately available for sale.

For further information email:

Joyce Smith jsmith (at) hydroacousticsinc.com
Robert DeLaCroix rdelacroix (at) hydroacousticsinc.com