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An Outstanding Reputation Combined With…
…State-Of-The-Art Product and Service Capabilities!

HAI began as a research and development company in 1972 dedicated to improving our national military defenses through innovations in acoustic technology. The company was formed as a spin-off based on acoustics research initiated at Harvard University and further developed at General Dynamics Corporation.

Today, our proprietary technology focuses on the generation of acoustic vibrating energy from hydraulic and pneumatic systems, underwater remotely operated vehicles, diver interdiction/swimmer neutralization systems, aquaculture predator protection and human balance engineering for both commercial and military markets. HAI has received over 88 U.S. patents and 26 foreign patents and applications.

HAI offers fully integrated design, manufacturing and testing capabilities that include specialized mathematical analysis and modeling, on-going research and development, procurement, quality control and assembly, and both in-lab and customer-site calibration. We can also provide computer performance modeling, engineering and design support for broadband acoustic sources, and hardware and services support.

HAI maintains in-house and customer-site maintenance and repair capabilities and can develop specialized products for specific customer applications – be it military or commercial requirements.

Our 35,000 square foot secure facility is located on 21 acres in Henrietta, NY. Within the facility is a 12,000 square foot laboratory specifically designed for and devoted to the assembly and testing of underwater acoustic sources and remotely operated vehicles.

Small scale product testing is conducted in-house while full size product tests are typically performed at a nearby testing facility.

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